Monday, May 05, 2008

What's That Sound?

It's been really nuts around here lately, but I thought I probably ought to put something on the blog, since it's been a while. We are in the process of building a whole new web site with our web guru Paul, and we're really excited to have something fresh. You may have noticed that we have less time to update the web site than we do the blog, and it's really in need of a facelift. We'll keep you posted.

I had a great meeting with our friend Malik Williams last week, and it got me thinking about music.  Coincidentally, a new client of ours is trying to brand a new business, and I talked with him about jingles and custom music, and how it can really make a difference.  My favorite advertising use of music are some of the old Volkswagen TV commercials.  They really knew their audience, and they nailed it with these spots:
Sometimes, the music choices are just odd.  I remember when Cadillac was trying to rock up their image.  It received a lot of attention, but I didn't think it worked that well, aesthetically.  I just thought it seemed weird.  But it helped, so it must've worked for someone.

So, do I have a point?  I think so... I think the point is: pay attention to the music.  It does matter.

Music is on in our office all the time.  Most of the time, that is.  Rich is our resident DJ, and as some of you know he's been very ill for the past several weeks, with this gnarly disease.  He's expected to make a full recovery, and I hope to have him back very soon.  Until then, though, it's very quiet here.  If you'd like to post "Get Well" wishes for him here on the blog, I know he'd appreciate it.

Finally, this is clever and helpful.  I hope other stations take the cue.