Saturday, October 13, 2007

Right Brain vs. Left Brain

This is a lot of fun. Which way do you see the dancer turning?

Try it out. Evidently, most people will see her move counter-clockwise, some people can see her both ways.

I see her turning clockwise, and I can't make her go the other way, for what that's worth.

Try it, and post your result. I'm curious.



Laura Matthews said...

I did this after doing a whole bunch of creative writing, and I was totally right brain. Then, I did some work that will make me some money, and I glanced at it again and I was left brain.


Suz said...

When I first opened it she was turning counter clockwise then immediately started turning clockwise without me doing anything. After much concentration I still could not make her turn another way. So guess I am a right brainer!