Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Google Adwords Misused

Google Adwords is an excellent program to help your company show up on a relevent search. You can control your daily expenditure, you can track the links provided and you can update instantaneously. However media outlets like Inside Edition used the search terms "Virginia Shooting" in their Google Adwords buy to ensure they would have a prominent spot on the search results page. Now, I am all for competition and harnessing the power of the medium, but purchasing the keywords "Virginia Shooting" seems a little heartless. It just hits me wrong. (Click this post's heading to see the search page results.)

This news story will get plenty of coverage and people will turn to the news outlets they prefer online or on TV, so trying to secure your spot in one's news search by buying such keywords, is well, I guess either really sad or a frightening sign of the times. Or maybe it's just that I think shows like Inside Edition (no link on purpose) should stick to the latest updates on Britney's rehab or whether or not Lindsey Lohan is wearing her Fruit of the Looms and leave the real news to the professionals who don't need to buy Adwords to get viewers.


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