Friday, February 16, 2007

Jacques Coust-who?

I know, I promised I'd update more frequently, but it's been nuts here (in a good way), and I just haven't had a chance. Today, though, I saw the neatest video ever. I think it's neat, anyway, and I wanted to post a link. It has nothing to do with anything except that I think it's great.

My father was an ocean junkie - he loved the sea, boats, fishing, undersea life, all that kind of stuff - and I inherited some of those sea genes. One of my favorite undersea creatures is Architeuthis: the Giant Squid. It was practically mythical until just a few years ago, but more recently a team of Japanese researchers have uncovered more physical evidence of its habits and primary locale, and they've even secured some video. The video snippets they get are typically released in small bits and pieces, and today's is just remarkable. They've discovered that before attacking its prey, the Giant Squid blinds you with a flash of light. It's like a superpower!

I told Rich, "Giant Squid are so cool, they make you wear the shades." It's awesome. The video can be seen at various sources, I've selected one from the BBC.


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