Saturday, December 09, 2006

Happy Christmahanukwanzaakah!

When I was making television commercials full-time, this time of year was always brutal. We would crank out ads like crazy trying to keep up with our clients' holiday advertising demands. The advent (no pun intended) of online shopping and e-mail marketing has reduced that to some degree, but in some cases television advertising has been partially replaced, or at least augmented, by new methods of capturing the attention of consumers.

I saw this online and thought it was interesting. It's a list of the top ten retail trends of the holiday season. The author notes that, "Digital media, the in-store marketing technique of the year with an 120 percent increase over last year, is predicted to see continued growth through the season." In the past six months, we've worked on in-store or in-office marketing videos for three separate clients, and have had inquiries from others, so I fully expect this trend to continue growing well beyond the holiday shopping season.

Additionally, there's an interesting piece on the future of online video advertising available here. I agree with most of it, particularly the sentiment that online video advertising currently looks too much like television commercials - and that replicating TV online isn't necessarily the best strategy.


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