Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Zune, Schmoon

I'm a Mac Person, always have been. I'm surrounded by PC People, but I've learned to adapt. Today is the launch day for the Zune, Microsoft's attempt at unseating the #1 portable media gadget, Apple's iPod. I doubt that Zune sales will rival those of the iPod, especially since iPods are available in so many configurations, but it could put a crimp in some media availability as the rival companies hammer out exclusivity deals with various entertainment providers. I also believe that Apple has the lead culturally, because they've brought "pod" (as in "-casting") and even the ubiquitous "i" prefix into the common vernacular. Want to make something seem hip and tech-savvy? Slap an "i" onto the front of it!

Even though I doubt I'll ever be a Zune owner (I think their slogan "Welcome to the social" is stupid), I welcome the addition of more portable media devices to the market place. The more common they become, the more likely it is that we'll have new avenues and uses for video on both the personal and professional fronts. And that's a good thing!

One last note: I thought this was very interesting. Apple filed a new patent for an iPod-looking device that seems to have a very, very cool user interface. Check it out.


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