Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Got Clips?

In the upper corner of my web browser, I have a drop-down menu for RSS feeds. It's mostly news from different sources: CNN, the New York Times, CNet, and others. In the past few weeks alone, I've seen many stories relating to video. Among them:

MySpace plans to use their video service to rival YouTube

Microsoft plans to launch a video service to rival YouTube

NewsCorp plans to launch a video service to rival YouTube (are you picking up on a theme here?)

• Taking the more direct route, CBS has announced they are looking to purchase "the next YouTube"

Apple launched their new iPods and a new movie download service

If I can offer you any practical business advice from all of this it's:

a) don't build a business plan around launching a video service to rival YouTube and b) if you're not already doing it, work some video into your marketing and communications efforts.

Video is no longer a luxury or a high-end-only component. Even if the stuff posted on YouTube or MySpace is goofy, it's made video as a form of expression ubiquitous. Now it's expected, and if you're not including it in your plans, you're missing out on a vital element of communication with your customers, your employees, your colleagues and your vendors.


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