Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Big (Show) Business

I ran across this article today. While I think the price point on this is a bit high, it's definitely a step in the right direction regarding the use of video in the workplace. Rich and I have long said that video is a key ingredient for corporate communications. This is a perfect example of a technology provider stepping up to bridge the gap between creating the message and disseminating it. (Cisco is currently known mostly for their networking hardware and software: routers, security products, switches, bridges, etc.)

Someone asked me a couple of weeks ago if the explosion of D.I.Y. video hurts our business at all. In fact, products like the one Cisco is developing are actually good for businesses like Tube, because the more prevalent and necessary video becomes, the more opportunities it will create for us. Investing a quarter of a million dollars in the new Cisco technology is probably not practical for most of us (I'm factoring $133K for the equipment and another $100,000+ to hire people to do the actual production work), but the concept is one-size-fits-all.


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