Tuesday, July 11, 2006

What's In A Name?

Since the popular explosion of You Tube, we've had a few people ask us if we have any connection. The short answer is "no", though we think it's an awesome site and encourage you to visit and post there. Grab a camera - adding some video to your life is a great thing; sharing your creativity with others is better. Unless, of course, you're Tommy Lee or Marion Barry. And come to think of it, it didn't hurt either of them all that much, anyway. Please remember to call in the professionals for the heavy lifting, though. ;-)

With the advent of devices like the video iPod and the vast improvement in streaming video technology, "viral videos" are a phenomenon that will stick around for a long time. I've found some amazing, entertaining and enlightening stuff on You Tube; my current favorite clip is a four minute video of an explosion in a fireworks factory.

Regarding our own name, the second most frequent inquiry (down from #1 last month) is "Why did you name yourselves Tube?", often followed by "What does yea!tube mean?" Rich came up with the name "Tube", and he based it partly on our back-to-basics approach. Before the digital age, television pictures were displayed via a tube inside your set. Color TVs used combinations of red, green and blue to make up the picture - hence, those are also our Tube colors. That's also why television is (or was) referred to as "the tube." I also like the idea that a tube has one entrance and one exit, and no matter how many twists you make in the middle, you'll always come out the other side.

"Yea!tube", quite simply, was the available phone number when I went to register our toll-free line. The aspiring graphic designer in me saw it as a good opportunity for branding... and there you go.


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